Padmavat, the Airawat!

Airawat is the celestial white elephant, belonging to the Lord of Lords, Indra.

Colloquially speaking, a white elephant represents a priceless object of desire, which has proven to be kind of a liability for its owner.

The movie Padmavat is nothing short of celestial. Its owner Sanjay Leela Bhansali is the Lord of Lords in the world of celluloid. And the ownership of Padmavat has, well, we all know…not been easy to protect.

But, true to its theme of Rajput Aan Baan and Shaan, SLB has put his all at stake to protect the dignity of his creation.

Padmavat is a movie par excellence! Na bhooto na bhavishyati!

What should I talk of first… The grandeur the movie takes you through, the supreme performances of Ranveer and Deepika, and even Shahid, or the imagination and storytelling of SLB?

Nothing I say will do justice to the spectacle.

Ranveer and Deepika have hit jackpot with SLB. With back to back three SLB movies that showcase the couple’s beauty, performance and the potential to set the screen on fire, with Padmavat they will be immortalised in Bollywood history.

Ranveer!!! As Allauddin Khilji has shown his natural adeptness to go from mean to cruel in a matter of a few ‘looks’.

This has to be his best performance, his best costume, his best dance and his best loverboy persona till date and future date.

The song Khalli Balli and the energy with which Ranveer dances in it reminds you of Tattad Tattad of Ram Leela and Malhari of Bajirao Mastani.

And the bone and bane of contention, the Ghoomar song, takes the traditional Rajasthani folk dance to a different level of grace and elegance.

That’s what makes me wonder… How can the so called preservers of Rajput dignity have anything against this film, which is nothing, but a parade of Rajputana Aan Baan and Shaan.

Whether history has been twisted or not,  the movie is a win-win for the audience. The battles between the Kings and Sultans, the darbars and raj mahals and the drama of princely coup d’etats jump out of our school history book imaginations and get painted in show-reel canvasses.

And the painter, his signature evident, takes a bow in every scene that can be frozen and hung up in an art gallery.

All 5 stars to the magnum opus, Padmavat!!

And yes, if possible see it in the 3D IMAX experience.

15 thoughts on “Padmavat, the Airawat!

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  1. As usual excellently penned review Every sensible person wonders how can you have something against it without seeing it Anyway hats off to SLB for keeping his nerves & the cast for awesome performance.


  2. Just saw it yesterday on 3D.muat watch it in 3D and that too in PVR because of the sound quality. You cannot miss this one for sure.


  3. Well said Kavita… Rajputana aan baan & shaan is in fact shown in full glory.. This movie is definitely a visual treat.. Ageee with your review


  4. Tks kavita. Vl surely watch the movie. Was in two minds but now all doubts cleared. Tks for your blog. Nice writing as usual. Truely talented dear. God bless keep writing


  5. Being a big SLB fan, i was disappointed with the film to b Frank… But your words makes me fall in love with his greatness… Beautifully penned Kavi… You see his passion in the darkness of story tooo… Loved ur Airawat concept 😇


  6. Loved the movie and loved ur blog too..well described..was actually waiting to see d movie n then read ur usual loved ur work..!


  7. Agree wid u Kavita…such an unbelievable performance by Ranveer and Deepika…loved the movie…wil go again …once not enough to guage its depth :))


  8. Well written..saw it yesterday…grand is an understatement for SLB. His movies have to be grand…in cinematography…in sets…colours..etc


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