Padmavat, the Airawat!

Whether history has been twisted or not,  the movie is a win-win for the audience. The battles between the Kings and Sultans, the darbars and raj mahals and the drama of princely coup d'etats jump out of our school history book imaginations and get painted in show-reel canvasses.

Unscrambling the Japanese

I had begun my post on Japan by saying there are two sets of reasons I want to give for visiting the country, one dwelled on before my travel, and the other would be the compelling reasons I returned with. I have already explained why I chose Japan in my previous post. Now here’s why... Continue Reading →

Why Japan?? I’d say, Why Not?

I never imagined that the first post in my blog would be about Japan! There were so many interesting trips I went on since the time I decided to catalog my travel experiences. But I never really got down to ‘business’. The lazy writer in me refused to get to the writing desk even for... Continue Reading →

Counting Tigers. Well, Not Quite…

In Feb, this year, I was visiting my favourite tiger reserve, the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) for the fifth time. And like always, we got chatting with the locals, the dhaba owners, the homestay owner... just about anybody who could tell us a new tale or two about the magnificient striped beast. Taken in... Continue Reading →

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