In Japan, Poop Like a King!

Disclaimer: Reader discretion recommended. ‘Coz I am gonna talk crap.

I know this is a long awaited post. It’s not going to be a long one, though. I promise. I mean, for how long can I keep up with talking crap 🙂

I had heard excited tales about the Japanese toilets from a friend who had been to Japan. From her 10 stories, 8 of them were about the toilets. As if anticipating the Promised Land, I couldn’t wait to get to Japan and experience it first hand.

So what’s the big deal about the toilets in Japan? Well, like everything else, The Japanese toilets are the most high tech in the world. Not surprisingly, the Japanese have paid a very meticulous attention to every detail of this daily ritual. Perhaps, they get it more than anybody else that the pot is the seat of creativity. From excretion to creation, in TOTO, that is all what a Japanese toilet is all about.

A toilet with night lighting
A toilet with night lighting

To cut a long story short, doing what you do in a 2 x 2 ft room perched on a ceramic pot in the Japanese geography is an experience! Here’s how…

Surprise, surprise! There’s water to wash your bum. For us Indians, we never feel too clean till we’ve had a good wash. Same pinch the Japanese :-). And a clean pot? Well, now that would be asking for the moon in our Motherland. Heck, by virtue of crows being black everywhere, even in the most developed countries, inconsiderate people do mark their territories in public toilets.

Needless to say, it’s a needless worry in Japan. A deodorizer automatically removes all the scent of the previous occupant. Step into refreshed air and sit on the heated sterilized pot. In some loos, you wouldn’t even need to pull down the lid, just push a button and it moves down. And the minute you are all set on the pot, it auto gurgles out water to rinse off any stubborn germs. In fact, the first few times, the rinsing may take you by surprise, I am not done yet. Why are you flushing?

What follows is a wonderful Me Time…and a bum spa! Sit back and relax. Let TOTO take over (Most toilets in Japan are from this company, TOTO).

The Poop-like-a-King Bum Spa begins…

Imagine how gratifying a heated toilet seat would feel in the cold of winter… Would you like some music? How about classical? Nah! Not in the mood for classical, today. Just drown out the ugly sounds I am making by some white noise. Sure!

How do you like the water ma’am? Hot, warm, tepid or cold? Is the pressure good? Should I go easy, or do you like a good hard spray?

And don’t bother shifting your weight. Front or back, TOTO’s got it all covered. A button for each makes a cleaning wand appear below your toilet seat and sprays the target areas, in the chosen water temperature, chosen water pressure.

If you’re lucky you may even find an upgraded TOTO offering a massage cleaning, which has a pulsating or vibrating spray!

Life is beautiful, isn’t it?

Wait there’s more… if they’ve ensured you don’t use your hands for anything, why should you even need to pat dry yourself with tissues? We’ve all seen a hair dryer. Well, they even have a bum dryer. Click a button and warm air does the needful (or cool air for the warm days) ;-). Get up, and the toilet lid closes and the contraption flushes on its own.

Felt like Royalty?  Maybe leaving aside rose petals showering from above, there’s everything else that would make you feel that you just pooped like a King 😉

Too many buttons

I admit, the first few sessions felt daunting. The TOTO pot comes with a side handle with all the buttons. (Some of them have a big back panel mounted on the wall). Too many buttons and options to choose from – water temperature, pressure, sprays for the posterior, bidet for the ladies (how thoughtful), sound options to drown out your personal music with a neutral, classical or white noise, and so on. So, that’s quite a few buttons, and labeled mostly in Japanese. Of course they have clear graphic icons so you figure them out pretty soon.

The toilet control panel in a bullet train

How much is Too much?

Coming back to meticulous attention… there’s this hotel we stayed in, the Dormy Inn at Toyama. It’s maybe a 4 or 5 storied hotel. The lift (elevator) of that hotel has a thoughtful corner stool. But no ordinary stool that! Of course, you could sit your journey up through the floors. But hey! If there’s an emergency call of nature, fret not… lift the top plank of the stool and it’s a pot!!

That’s how far they can go to insure your basic instinct! A little too much, but it’s the land of extremes.

Here’s an interesting read I came across.“… Japan is famous for its high-tech, derriere-washing, tushie-warming toilets. These are now such a valued part of Japanese culture that Toto, the beloved Japanese brand, has just built a $60 million museum devoted to its renowned product, at its home base in Kita-Kyushu, on the southern-most of Japan’s four main islands…”

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  1. Aisa bhi hota hai🤔🤔

    What a detailed description K!!! This unique experience definitely calls for a Japan visit👍👍

    We have TOTO commodes in some malls here in DXB… I will need to try asking these malls to bring in the Japanese experience too!!! Why go just half way…..


  2. Haha! Cant stop giggling while reading your post! Such detailed attention to clearing your bowels:))That is truely a respect to nature’s call !
    Nicely written! Funny read!:))


  3. Having read most of your blogs, I must say your write-ups are both interesting and entertaining as well. Who would’ve thought that toilets would be something to look forward to while visiting a place?! Talking of crap, you gave the whole experience a sophisticated touch.
    The Japanese are a class apart. They are so thoughtful & sensitive even in the application of technology. Hats off!!


  4. Wow a bum spa…..and such unique ways to clean THE BUM…. definitely a bum treat ….lovely Kavita u have written abt the most important topic …. definitely will visit Japan


  5. What an entertaining read Kavita! This is the best motivation I could have had for visiting Japan. I will now consider my bucket list as incomplete if I don’t get a wholesome TOTO experience 🙂


  6. How I wish such toilets in India. Not even in a five star v r previlged such luxury. Now I wanna visit Japan for one more reason 😄


  7. Kavita

    Brilliant public piece about a private daily important ritual. Wow! Felt the experience. Lucid n witty account that makes you admire the thoughtfull Japanese.
    Your writing is a simply superb. Keep sharing, love it. Look forward to a lot more.


  8. What an interesting read lovely description as usual My administration for Japan has increased many folds after reading your articles Looking forward to visiting japan


  9. Hey Kavii..ur blogs about Japan have got me so interested that..ive actually got my tickets booked to Tokyo..!! Will need lots more tips from you gal..keep writing n motivating more people like me..hey btw..which country is next on ur list..😉😉


  10. TOTO……indeed !!! Kavita , keep touching these untouched (!!) subjects through your unique , crisp write ups …..these are the things which differentiates your blog from most of them. Throughly enjoyed ….last review & this ….BOLD & of course , Beautiful !!!!!! Looking forward…..


  11. Wow. The Japanese use technology in every way. Even if means going about your daily morning rituals, so be it. They make life so comfortable at a press of a button. Literally! The Japanese surely know how to create an experience for everything. Amazing!!! 😀 👍 good article kavita!👌


  12. Very detailed description of the toilets which actually speaking r an integral part of our daily life….usure have an eye for details dear….and I have a vivid imagination….so now the urge to visit Japan has increased even more….😅


  13. Wow..Bum Spa.. never heard or thought about it. Your blog was like actually visualizing it.. too good Kavi.. always a pleasure reading your post
    Keep it up..


  14. Very interesting and insightful read. It was as if I almost felt the experience while reading this. Very nicely written. One more and very important reason to visit Japan. Everytime I read about them my respect for the Japanese goes up one notch. Tio good. Loved reading so keep writing.


  15. And soooo the royal poo finally gets the technological respect it deserves in Japan… Food n poo go hand in hand n so this post holds extra value for me😜
    See how free ur hands were to keep exploring the cute button panels n click them for us too😝😝
    What an insight of Japan… One m sure only n only u could give us…
    Japan waiting for your royal treatment in every possible manner-literally now😘😘😘


  16. What a Hi-Tech blog for a basic necessity. Japanese are well known to use technology to maximum but in this way is amazing. Never heard of Bum Spa and a toilet seat in an Elevator…. Interesting write-up. Only you could write and do justice to such a basic necessity.


  17. TOTO and specially your expression skill both are just awesome Kavita di..😄😄👍..TOTO ka experience lena hai ab!!!😂 Infact I should say that your blog helps enhance my visualisation skills…,😉really superb!!!!🤗👍


  18. Very interesting writeup .. Wanna xperience Toto Bum Spa soon 😂😝 U gave us one more reason to visit Japan 😍 Keep expressing, keep writing…. Good luck😘


  19. Ha ha ha ….Kavita. I don’t know what was more interesting your way of writing or the TOTO toilets. Feels like one of the must visit place in Japan. Can’t believe the details that you have written…as meticulous as the toilets themselves.
    What did you do? Start writing the moment you sat on the pot 🙂


  20. Wow. Good one. After reading your CRAP info I completely agree in TOTO with all the above comments. I think people there wouldn’t mind having looooooooooose mooooo just for the TOTO experience.


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