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Sanju, a film that pulled me in two directions

I have two separate ratings for this movie. Because I feel as though two Sanju movies were released. And to do justice to Ranbir Kapoor, I need to separate out his movie from Sanju Baba’s. So there are these two movies – one is Sanju, a regular fiction film, starring Ranbir. It deserves a 4… Continue reading Sanju, a film that pulled me in two directions

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Welcome to Japan: What to expect, what not…

Travel easy, travel hard.... Set your expectations right and your to-do list in order before you step out of the airport. Then, just sit back and soak in the rich experiences Japan-in-waiting has to offer you....

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Unscrambling the Japanese

I had begun my post on Japan by saying there are two sets of reasons I want to give for visiting the country, one dwelled on before my travel, and the other would be the compelling reasons I returned with. I have already explained why I chose Japan in my previous post. Now here’s why… Continue reading Unscrambling the Japanese