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Tokyo – Land of Extremes and Eccentricities (part 1)

This place is a land of extremes and eccentricities… and there is never a dull moment in this maximum city.

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Hachiko, a Dog’s Tale

Hachiko is not some imaginary or abstract symbol. He was a real dog. The story of Hachiko is so beautiful and emotional, it will melt any heart and bring tears to the eyes.

Across Seven Seas, Experience, Japan, People, Places, Travel

Welcome to Japan: What to expect, what not…

Travel easy, travel hard.... Set your expectations right and your to-do list in order before you step out of the airport. Then, just sit back and soak in the rich experiences Japan-in-waiting has to offer you....

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Chadar Trek 2017 – An escape story

It’s January. And Chadar trek pics are all over the internet again. The pics are teasing my memory. Of course, I cannot go again this year. So here I am doing the next best thing... reminiscing about the most thrilling, adventurous and brave trip of my life. Chadar trek 2017! What is this Chadar Trek?… Continue reading Chadar Trek 2017 – An escape story

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Tiger Tiger Burning Bright!

3 *** movie! Look what the Santa Claus brought back ---Tiger Zinda Hai! A Salman- Kat movie can warm up any  winter, but didn't quite... Where did it lose it stars?! It’s a Salman movie, and yet it made me go to sleep in the end sequences!! Unbelievable, ‘coz I don’t remember the last time… Continue reading Tiger Tiger Burning Bright!

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It’s a ‘Wonder’ful World!

Back again with a film review, this time Hollywood. The movie - Wonder. Verdict first--- Must see!!! The movie inspires, it gives hope, it brings a smile and it restores faith in this Wonderful world! So, here’s a movie, that has Julia Roberts. That should be the big ‘pull’ for us audiences. At least it… Continue reading It’s a ‘Wonder’ful World!

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Qareeb Qareeb, But Not All the Way!

Perceptions dwindle away, and real people emerge when cosmetic facades fall and senses communicate. What we always wonder in odd looking couples, isne isme kya dekha hoga? somewhere we get an answer to such questions in this charming love story.