About Me


Welcome to Seekers and Finders, my little nest in cyberspace!


Who am I and what do I do?

Hi!! I am Kavita.

My friends know me as a free spirited person. I love life and all that it has to offer.

I have been into many different things at different ages and stages of life. Been a copywriter, a journalist, an Instructional designer, a User Experience designer, an author... in toto,  fields of media and communication. 

Right now, my longest running and live project is being an at-home mom to an energetic 8 year old daughter.


What do I love?


My varied pursuits have opened up the world of people and places for me and sowed in me an insatiable love for travelling.

Plus, I think I have a gift… of seeing beauty in the offbeat, irregular and incongruous. Whether it is a ruin buried under weeds and waste, or a vast expanse of empty space, any place can have the power to fascinate me.

And I love taking pictures and telling stories .

I think a big part of the joy of travelling comes from sharing experiences. And that’s the plan.

Through my blog writing and picture essays, I will relive my travels with you.


What keeps me going?

My philosophy - that Seekers are Finders!

I strongly believe that my passion drives my Universe. If I set out to do something, pin my hopes on travelling to some place, will and wish to meet somebody, all I need to do is believe and have faith that it shall happen. And it almost always does (hope you are doing the same).


Come be a part of my journeys!